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Timemachine Calming Mask


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Includes: 1 mask.
Tencel masks are 100% natural cellulose fibre, a soft, flexible, hypoallergenic facial mask made of reproduced bamboo.

Single-use sheet mask drenched in calming and soothing ingredients for sensitive skin. Panthenol (healing, hydrating, soothing) Caviar extract (fatty acids) for rich nutrition & calming skin. Anti-inflammatory properties promote wound healing, promotes healthy skin.

The main ingredients include:
· Caviar Extract-antioxidant, prevents collagen and elastin breaking down.
· Placenta Extract- improves skin texture, and lessens pigmentation.
· Adenosine -proven anti-wrinkle benefits, energizes skin.
· Tocopheryl Acetate,-wound healing, reduces inflammation, promotes healthy skin, treats vitamin E deficiency.
· Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Oil – anti-inflammatory, reduces redness from rosacea, eczema and drying skin. Naturally rich in Vitamin E and B Complex.